Aortic Intervention Market - Horizon 2025

Aortic Intervention Market Global Aortic Intervention Market, which currently stands at $2.3 billion, has matured. The market, which is consolidating, has been growing at an average annual growth rate of 6% over the past decade.

Medtronic, Cook, Gore, Terumo and Endologix are currently the top five leading companies operating in the space, and the size of their market share reflects the order in which they have been mentioned.

Advances in aortic imaging coupled with development in endovascular technology have transformed the aortic intervention landscape with penetration levels of endovascular aneurysm repair reaching over 75% of total repair procedures in technologically advanced countries.

Endovascular aortic endografts have evolved rapidly over the last three decades. Current generation of ultra-low profile stent grafts have become commodities. Still, several unresolved issues remain, including high long-term rates of complications and reinterventions, as well as uncertainties about device performance and durability beyond 10 years.

Aortic branch management strategies represent the next frontier in endovascular aortic aneurysm repair with the promise to expand applicability into the thoracoabdominal space and the aortic arch, an estimated $900 million in new market potential. The only two current innovations dealing with the visceral aorta and the aortic arch are fenestrated and flow diverting endografts.

Medtech Ventures’ analysts, who have been tracking and documenting the Aortic Intervention space since its inception, are conducting a Scenario Planning exercise that involves digital conversation with top leaders and visionaries in a space.

Results of this exercise will be summarized in an off-the-shelf supply-side industry report that will assess the current strategic landscape of the Aortic Intervention market and will offer a consensus-based preferred future. It will also make available an event impacted linear forecast to 2025.

The report will be released to all per-ordering clients on September 18th 2019, one day before 19.09.19, Aortic Disease Awareness Day.

Published: September 18th, 2019 - 42 Pages - PDF by eMail 

Senior executives and strategists who would order the report before September 13th 2019, will get a chance to contribute and feedback on final report before it is released.  Everyone can join the conversation by sending us their insights, if they are qualified Aortic Intervention visionaries they will be invited for one to one interviews.