Emerging Liquid Biopsy Market

https://www.2checkout.com/checkout/purchase?sid=1912926&quantity=1&product_id=9Recent advances in genotyping and sequencing technologies are turning liquid biopsies into a clinically viable alternative to tissue biopsies, the current gold standard for making treatment decisions.

As research validates the ability of liquid biopsies to screen asymptomatic patients, detect cancer, measure tumor burden, predict recurrence, monitor disease progression and evaluate response to treatment, the quest for developing clinically actionable liquid biopsy tests has just started.

The rapid drop in cost of analyzing genetic information combined with the increase in use of targeted cancer therapeutics are opening windows of opportunities for start-ups with the right technologies.

Many innovative start-ups are exploring liquid biopsy's potential for providing oncologists with a faster, cheaper and less invasive way to assess colorectal, lung, prostate, breast and ovarian cancer patients' clinical status and response to treatment.

Combining liquid biopsies with personalized therapies has the potential to revolutionize cancer care and the market opportunity is attracting attention from a wide range of companies into this rapidly evolving field and accelerating the pace of acquisitions in the space.

Targeted at senior executives in the medical diagnostics industry, Medtech Ventures’ “Emerging Liquid Biopsy Market” report explores emerging business models, revenue potential and successful growth strategies in this rapidly evolving field.

The report sizes the current liquid biopsy market, profiles key players  and offers a rational overview of this emerging sector with a sober forecast to 2020.

                     Published: May 2016  - #37 Pages  - PDF by eMail

Table of Contents

1.        Liquid Biopsy

1.1     Circulating Tumor Cells
1.2     Cell Free DNA
1.3     Exosomes

2.    The Medical Diagnostics Industry

2.1    Medical Diagnostics Market Size & Growth Rate
2.2    Medical Diagnostics Industry Segmentation
2.3    Leading Players in the Medical Diagnostics Industry

3.    Molecular Diagnostics Market

3.1    Molecular Diagnostics Market Size & Growth Rate
3.2    Molecular Diagnostics Market Segmentation
3.3    Leading Players in the Molecular Diagnostics Market

4.    Liquid Biopsy Market

4.1    Liquid Biopsy Market Revenue & Growth Rate
4.2    Top Five Liquid Biopsy Companies
4.3    Leading Companies Market Shares
4.4    Other Companies to Watch Within the Liquid Biopsy Space
4.5    Business Models in the Liquid Biopsy Space
4.6    Liquid Biopsy Applications
4.7    Mergers, Acquisitions & Licensing Deals

5.    Future Outlook

5.1    Technology Trajectory
5.2    Potential Market
5.3    Market Forecast

6.       Companies In The Space

1.    AdnaGen
2.    Agena Bioscience
3.    Angle PLC
4.    ApoCell
5.    Biocept
6.     BioFluidica
7.     Bio-Rad
8.    Boreal Genomics
9.     Caris Life Sciences
10.     Chronix Biomedical
11.     Clearbridge Biomedics
12.    Cynvenio Biosystems
13.    CytoLumina Technologies
14.    CytoTrack
15.    Diagnologix
16.    Epic Sciences
17.    Exact Sciences
18.    Exosome Diagnostics
19.    Exosome Sciences
20.    Fluxion Biosciences
21.    Foundation Medicine
22.    Genomic Health
23.    Grail
24.    Guardant Health
25.    iCellate
26.    Illumina
27.    Inivata
28.    Invitae
29.    Janssen Diagnostics
30.    MDxHealth
31.    NeoGenomics
32.    Pathway Genomics
33.    PrecisionMed
34.    Qiagen
35.    RainDance Technologies
36.    Roche
37.    Sequenom
38.    Siemens
39.    Theranos
40.    ThermoFisher
41.    TransGenomic
42.    Trovagene 

Tables & Figures

1. Clinical Applications of Liquid Biopsy
2. Role of Medical Diagnostics in Modern Health Care
3. Global Medical Diagnostics Market Revenue (2010 - 2015)
4. Medical Diagnostics Market Segmentation by Test Discipline (2015)
5. Medical Diagnostis Industry – Leading Companies Market Share (2015)
6. Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Revenue (2010 – 2015)
7. Molecular Diagnostics Market Segmentation (2015)
8. Molecular Diagnostics Market – Leading Companies Market Share (2015)
9. Liquid Biopsy Market Market Revenue (2010 – 2015)
10. Top Five Liquid Biopsy Companies  (2015)
11. Exact Sciences: Completed Cologuard Tests (2015)
12. Liquid Biopsy Market - Leading Companies Market Shares (2015)
13. Liquid Biopsy Market - Business Models Segmentation (2015)
14. Liquid Biopsy Market - Application Segmentation (2015)
15. Top Acquisitions in the Liquid Biopsy Space (2015)
16. Comparison of Analysis Capability of CTCs, cfDNA and Exosomes
17. Common Cancer Types - Developed World Estimated New Cases (2015)
18. Liquid Biopsy Market Forecast (2016 – 2020)